Prospect in the Spotlight (May 3-4): Sunna Davidsdottir


Friday, May 3rd, Icelandic strawweight prospect Sunna Davidsdottir will be in action on US soil, where she will be looking to strike gold in the Invicta Phoenix Rising one-night tournament.She will be looking to score yet another win, as Davidsdottir looks to become a champion while keeping her perfect record in tact. Davidsdottir represents Mjolnir, a small camp out of her native Iceland. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Muay Thai: Davidsdottir is primarily a striker and she utilizes many traditional muay Thai techniques. Sunna has very good timing on the feet and is very effective when counterstriking. In her battle with Mallory Martin, she did great damage when she baited Martin in and landed on the counter. Her punches are accurate, and a big reason for that could be because she sets up her punches with kicks and trick hand movement. Furthermore, she tends to throw strikes in combos and doesn’t just sit on one strike at a time. She spends time at Tiger Muay Thai, which has sharpened these skills even more, including her clinch fighting. That said, her clinch could be better and she can get taken down from that position.

Intangibles: Outside of actual skill, Sunna has many natural and developed gifts. She has very good physical strength and balance. She’s a solid athlete naturally and has good cardio and output. All of these things in unison make her a tough out for any fighter, as her natural advantages give her a slight edge over her opponents (unless they are comparable or better athletes).

Needs Improvement

Lack of Finishing Prowess: A big knock on Davidsdottir is her lack of finishing ability thus far in her three-fight pro career. All three of her pro wins have come by unanimous decision, but when you fight to decisions, you can allow the judges to award the fight to your opponent. Davidsdottir’s stock would explode if she were to start finishing opponents. Not only that, it would catch the eyes of the UFC execs, who are always looking for exciting finishers in their company.

Lack of Experience: Davidsdottir is 33 years of age, but only has three pro fights. That is a shockingly low amount of experience for a fighter that age. It’s hard to justify giving her a ton of big opportunities when she is such a low level of experience. Yes, she has the skills. Yes, she has the natural gifts. Yes, she’s yet to be beat. However, there’s not a whole lot to go on in her pro career and she still has many question marks because of her lack of experience.


UFC Strawweight Staple: At 33 years old, Davidsdottir, for only having three pro fights, is up there in age. That means she has less time than most of the prospects we cover in this weekly series. That said, she is skilled and can compete with some of the toughest women in the division. I don’t see her being on the UFC roster in the next year because of her lack of experience, unless she runs the table in this Phoenix Rising tournament (she’s not my pick to win). However, at some point, I see her earning a UFC contract and performing on the roster. When she does, she will stick around for a while and rack up some fights with the company.

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