Prospect in the Spotlight (Jul 12-13): Bobbi Jo Dalziel


Thursday, July 11th, Canadian lightweight prospect Bobbi Jo Dalziel will be in action for PFL, where she will be looking to score a win and earn a trip to the playoffs against Larissa Pacheco. She will be looking to score yet another win, as Dalziel looks to inch closer to the $1 million prize. Dalziel represents Forge Training Centre, a little known camp out of her native Canada. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Thai Boxing: Dalziel is primarily a kickboxer, as you can see in all of her fights. She mixes up her striking variety well, as well as throws a lot of kicks to gauge distance/score damage. Her kicks are very damaging, as she’s even broken the arm of Brittney Elkin with a blocked high kick. All of that allows her to cut off the cage well, where she gets to the strongest part of her game: the clinch. From the clinch, she is devastating with her knees, elbows and dirty boxing. She can knock you out, even from close quarters. See her fight against Tamikka Brents. Even though she’s long, she can fight in compact spaces.

Size: Dalziel is a long, lean 6’0″ fighter, but a very strong woman. Her size is an advantage when stepping in the cage, especially this PFL tournament because many of the participants moved up in weight (whereas she didn’t). As stated, she uses her size well, as she can fight long or short. Just imagine her at 145. She’d be a goliath.

Needs Improvement

Counter Wrestling: Although she’s dominant in the clinch, she can open herself up to takedowns fighting in such close quarters. She’s shown that she can be taken down, even by average wrestlers. See her bouts against the aforementioned Brents or Jozette Cotton. When she does get taken down, she’s not the most active off her back. She needs to work harder to get off her back and to her place of absolute comfort: the feet.


Top Featherweight (if she drops to that weight class): If Dalziel were to make 145 pounds a home after this PFL season, she could be a real threat in a division in need of top talent. The UFC has finally started inking featherweights to populate the division, so you can bet their keeping an eye on this PFL season. With Dalziel’s devastating striking style, size and killer instinct, you can be she’d be a top 145er in the world should she throw her hat in that ring.

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