Prospect in the Spotlight (May 8-9): KB Bhullar


Saturday, March 14th, Canadian middleweight prospect KB Bhullar was to be in action for Unified MMA, where he would have fought opposite fellow prospect Jordan Williams. He would have been looking to continue his undefeated streak, as Bhullar looks to get closer to an eventual UFC contract. He represents Hayabusa Training Centre, an underrated camp in MMA. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Well-Rounded: Bhullar doesn’t possess many weaknesses, which is his biggest strength as a fighter. He has good size at over 6’4″ and he has long limbs, a physical gift you cannot teach. In terms of striking, he has impressive knockout power and good technique. Four of his eight wins come by way of knockout. He has good kicks and knees, which compliment his punching power. He also is a solid submission grappler if the fight hits the mat. From top position, he is hard to handle and very aggressive in pursuing the submission finish. Two of his eight wins are subs, including a D’Arce choke and a north-south choke. Bhullar is no pushover wherever the fight goes.

Fast Starter: Bhullar doesn’t take his time. The minute that bell rings, he gets to work. Of his six career finishes, all of them have been in the first round. He doesn’t give his opponent time to get started or breathe. Half of those finishes have come in under 3:30. When Bhullar is fresh, he likes to get to work quickly and look to knock the block off his opponent. He is a nightmare matchup for any fighter who is a slow starter.

Needs Improvement

Wrestling: While Bhullar has good striking and solid submission grappling, his pure wrestling skills are the part of his game that needs a bit of improvement. Offensively, when he does shoot, he doesn’t set it up great and is not the most effective, as he can shoot from too far out. Defensively, he is a bit more refined, as he can defend takedowns using his distance and threat of concise striking. However, he has yet to really take on an elite wrestler. Perhaps, we will get a better look at his counter wrestling when he takes on the aforementioned Williams, his current opponent.


UFC Mid-to-Low Midcarder: Bhullar has many of the attributes the UFC desires. He has an unblemished record, he has a crowd-pleasing style and he’s a finisher. The UFC has not had as much talent come out of Canada in recent times as they used to, also, so having another Canadian on the roster would likely be on the wish list of the UFC. Bhullar has some winnable fights on the roster, as well as some matchups he would struggle with.

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