Prospect in the Spotlight (Sept 18-19): Jared Scoggins


Thursday, September 17th, American bantamweight prospect Jared Scoggins will be in action at CFFC, where he will be looking to strike gold against Thomas Vasquez. He will be looking for another win, as Scoggins looks to impress the UFC brass in an attempt to earn a contract. He represents Revolution MMA, a solid camp in MMA. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Wrestling: Scoggins loves to wrestle, given his background, and it shows. When he takes to the cage, he always has the takedown in the back of his mind. He shoots often and achieves the takedown with above average success. Positionally, he is sound and does not give up his spot on top. He’s also quite patient, not rushing to advance position and using his strikes to open up his opponent. He uses his ground-and-pound a lot as opposed to fishing for submissions. His GNP is quite successful. He loves using elbows as well, which can be used to open up his opponents.

Flashy Kickboxing: Like his brother Justin, Jared is not only a good wrestler, but a flashy, traditional kickboxer. He moves well in and out, landing his strikes and getting out of range. He also has a wide, open stance. He can keep his hands too low at times, but sometimes he uses it to bait his opponent so he can hit a counterstrike. He utilizes many kicks, as well. He likes to go low and to the body. He also will throw flashy kicks like crescent kicks and side kicks. He doesn’t really have that one-punch KO power that I have seen, but he lands in volume well.

Needs Improvement

Decision Heavy: As Scoggins has moved up in competition from the beginning of his pro MMA career, he’s found himself finding fewer finishes. He was scoring knockout finishes at the beginning of his career when he was facing inexperienced, less skilled fighters. However, since his only pro loss to Jesse Bazzi, he has stepped up in competition. While he has won and looked solid in the process, he’s left a majority of those fights up to the judges. While he has some power and killer instinct, he hasn’t been as consistent in ending the fight. Dana White and co. love finishers, so Scoggins needs to prove to be a more consistent finisher.


UFC Midcarder: Like his brother Justin, I think Jared has a future in the UFC that sees him competing in the midcard. Justin found some success in the UFC and I think Jared’s career trajectory is similar. He’s well-rounded and a good athlete. He’s proven in wins over Kenny Porter, Cody Durden and Juan Puerta that he can handle major league-ready competition. His last name will help him too. If he bests Thomas Vasquez to win the CFFC title, I think he makes the UFC by year’s end. Plus, he’s just 25 years old, so he’s yet to hit his prime.

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