Prospect in the Spotlight (Mar 25-26): Adam Keresh


Friday, March 25th, Israeli heavyweight prospect Adam Keresh will be in action for PFL Challengers, where he will be looking continue his winning ways against Chad Johnson. He will be looking for another win, as Keresh looks to earn his way into the 2022 PFL season. He represents Team Bert, an unknown camp in MMA. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Striking: Keresh is solid on the feet, and part of that is because he’s quick for a heavyweight and his movement is solid. He gets in and out well, as well as laterally. He has a ton of power in his hands and feet, which is why all of his wins come by way of knockout. His most famous performance saw him land a vicious left head kick on Kirill Sidelnikov, which he followed up with big punches that scored the finish. It was a very impressive head kick that fooled his opponent.

Ground-and-Pound: Not only is Keresh’s striking on the feet very good, but his ground-and-pound is nasty as well. When he gets to top position on the mat, he throws a lot of hammers that land with great force. His first two career victories came by ground-and-pound, though they were against lower regional levels of competition. Since then, he’s scored two big wins under the Bellator banner, downing the aforementioned Sidelnikov and Vladimir Fedin. You don’t want to be under this guy on the mat.

Needs Improvement

Counter Wrestling: The one thing that Keresh could work on from the limited footage we have on him is his counter wrestling. In his matchup with Sidelnikov, he was taken down in the fight. Luckily he was able to get back to his feet and finish the fight not long after that, but if he’s to take on more credible competition going forward, especially in the PFL where there are a number of heavyweight wrestlers, he will have to tighten that up a bit.


Big Show Veteran: I don’t know if Keresh will ever be in the UFC, but I think the trajectory is there. That said, he’s already fought for Bellator twice and is now on the doorstep of fighting with the PFL. I think if he doesn’t eventually make it to the UFC, he will still be involved in the bigger promotions like Bellator and PFL. He’s an intriguing prospect in a division that is always in need of talent. Keep an eye on Keresh.

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