Prospect in the Spotlight (Sept 9-10): Tereza Bleda


Tuesday, September 6th, Czech flyweight prospect Tereza Bleda will be in action for Dana White’s Contender Series, where she will be looking to continue her winning ways against Nayara Maia. She will be looking for another win, as Silva looks to impress Dana White to score a UFC contract. She represents Reinder’s MMA, a lesser-known camp in MMA. Let’s take a closer look at this prospect as this week’s “Prospect Spotlight.”


Overall Ground Game: Bleda is an absolute terror on the mat in almost every fight we’ve seen her take part in. She has good takedowns in terms of her timing and technique. Once she gets her opponent down, there’s a good chance they aren’t getting back up. She’s very heavy on top, using heavy ground-and-pound and technical prowess to advance position. She can finish the fight with that ground-and-pound, as we’ve seen in outings against former top prospect Mabelly Lima and veteran Marie Loiseau. She’s also good at finding the neck or hunting for an arm. Not only that, as seen in her bout with Edna Oliveira, she can grapple off her back as well and is aggressive in looking for the finish,

Experience: Bleda is the youngest Contender Series roster member this season that I am aware of, yet she has a great amount of experience. She has five pro fights, but she has three exhibition fights against pro fighters that she won, as well as another six amateur bouts. She debuted in 2017, meaning she was just a teenager when she made her competitive debut. She’s also doesn’t show any nerves in the cage, as if she’s been a pro her whole life. All of this has added to make her a better fighter at such a young age.

Needs Improvement

???: To this point, I have not seen much weakness to Bleda’s game. She has looked good everywhere, though obviously we could mention that her striking is behind her ground game. That said, her striking hasn’t even looked bad. Bleda looks to be the real deal and with skills this rounded, she will be tough out for anybody.


UFC Contender: Bleda is not even 21 years old yet and she’s possibly the biggest blue-chip prospect in the women’s MMA right now. She has dominated her fights as both a pro and an amateur, with her amateur fights actually being some of her stiffest competition (fights were done during COVID against pro fighters but were considered “exhibitions). With that kind of record at this young, big things are in the future for Bleda. Her nickname is “Ronda,” which is high praise, but it doesn’t seem completely unwarranted at this point. If she is this good now, imagine her in 3-5 years when she’s amassed more experience and continued to add to her skills. She’s also made the correct choice, in my view, to fight at 125 instead of 135, which seems to better suit her body. I definitely see her in UFC title contention in her career.

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